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Your Mother’s generation has never been properly exposed to the concept & while pansexuality is beginning to be accepted now, for her it must be impossible to comprehend. Or certainly difficult to comprehend seriously.

Mums also get scared for their children if they think they are making choices that could lead to them getting hurt. If its not easy being pansexual because society has a problem with it, then lets discourage my baby from it to keep them safe. It’s not a helpful reaction, but it comes from a skewed sense of protection.

It will take a lot of time & effort, but while your coming out to her, gaining acceptance may seem hopeless, or further down the road than you need it to be, know that there are those of us who do respect & care. You may not get what you need from your Mum right now, but in time that could change. I very much hope it does.

If you ever need to vent, my ask is always there.

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